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Covishield Vs Covaxin: Which Covid Vaccine Is Better in 2021?

The emergence of corona has moved the whole world. It has snatched away lakhs of lives. Above this, many people are seriously ill. The disease has taken the shape of a pandemic. The doctors and physicians are the people who are constantly engaged in treating and looking after the patients. However, with the advent of vaccines, a new ray of hope has emerged. It seems that lives can be saved and people can slowly move back to their normal lifestyle.

Role of vaccines:

Many research institutes were engaged in the production of vaccines. Finally, two vaccines namely covaxin and covishield has received recognitions. There is confusion and competition between covaxin Vs covishield.  Which is better and effective? Covaxin is developed and introduced by Bharat Biotech International Limited. It established the vaccine with the help of the Indian Council of Medical Research.

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On the other hand, Covishield has been developed and established by Oxford Astrazeneca. However, both of them are found to be effective in their respective manners. Covaxin is an inactive viral vaccine. It will not infect the body of a person but will protect them from the deadly virus by extending the immunity system.

The side effects of covishield depend upon the person’s body.  It is mild depending upon your body’s immunity. You may experience mild fever, body pain after taking the vaccine.

Which is better?

covishield vs covaxin

Another important question that may arise in your mind is which is better? To be specific both of them are effective and good. It mainly depends upon which one would you prefer or what your physician suggests. Many countries have approved covaxin and some other prefer Covishield.

What can be the covaxin efficacy rate? It is applied in the Phase 3 trial the efficacy rate will be around 78% to 100%. It is applied to people who are above 18 years of age. You must only take the vaccine under the proper supervision of the physician. On the other hand, the covaxin vs covishield efficacy rate is 70% to 90%. It should be applied to people who are above 12 years of age.

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Which one is safer?

Is covaxin safe? It may be a question before the people who are trying to take it. After enormous research and studies, it has been seen that covaxin is safer and secured for the people. It mainly depends upon your body’s immunity and structure. If you are confused about which one to choose, you may consult a physician. They can give you the best suggestion in this case.

Both the vaccines are safe and good for your health. They are successful in creating or forming proper immunity in the body. Except in few cases, these vaccines can be taken by everyone.

It is hoped and expected that with the arrival of the vaccines the trending graph will slow down and people can stay safe. People can also rid of the Covid issues that have taken the lives of millions of people.

This is the high time when we should take proper precautions and try to stay safe.

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