CT Scan vs MRI- What’s the Main Difference?

Most people get confused between CT scan and MRI. The two subjects are different and one does not have a relation with the other. It must be clear to you that what is ct scan? It is an advanced form of machine that takes images of body parts from various sides and angles. The patient has to lie in the bed tied tightly while he will be taken inside the arc shaped device. The device will rotate and various pictures of the tissues, bones will be taken for further treatment procedures. These techniques have made tremendous progress in the medical field.

Distinction between CT and MRI scan?

In this part, you will know about the difference between mri and ct scan. Both these devices are applied in the treatment of cancer. It is through this device that you will get to know about the exact stage of the deadly disease. The mode of working of two different devices is different. CT scan device uses X-rays to get a detailed picture of the body parts whereas MRI uses radio waves and powerful magnets to draw the pictures.

In case of CT scan the patient moves inside an arc shaped device. But in the case of MRI the patient is taken under a doughnut-shaped device.

What does MRI machine do?

Now another question that may arise in your mind is what is MRI scan? It is a device that is taken to take the images of the body through radio waves and a powerful magnet. Through this process, you will get a clear picture of normal and diseased tissue. It is one of the most powerful devices in the medical world.

Sometimes you may witness mri scan side effects. These are mild and less harmful. While doing an MRI scan you may have to stay inside the room for twenty to forty minutes. This may cause claustrophobia. The device creates a loud noise so it can hamper your ears. This is the reason why people take proper protection while conducting MRIs.

On the other part, you may also notice some brain mri side effects. It may cause severe headaches accompanied by nausea and other allergic reactions. It mainly depends upon person to person.

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Benefits of CT scan:

You must be well aware of the advantages of ct scan. Here are some of the essential ones.

  • You can get a clear picture from the neck to the thigh in CT scan within a few minutes time.
  • It is incredibly used for diagnosing the various stages of cancer.
  • It is also effective in diagnosing the places where cancer has spread.
  • Many times it is found that CT scan is the preferred choice for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

So, it is well-assumed from the discussion that both MRI and CT scan hold a key position in the medical industry. It has created new steps and techniques for detecting the disease. It is also a great achievement that can save the lives of millions of people.

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