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Usha or Crompton: Which is the Best Ceiling Fan in India?

Out of the best selling ceiling fans in India, there are some which have gained fame and reputation through their wonderful service. To name a few Usha, Crompton is some of the most reputed ones. Both of these brands are old and they always deliver quality ceiling fans to the customers. You must also know that there is a good competition that exists between the two. However, both of them are superior in their respective fields. Many people believe that ceiling fans consume huge electricity bills. This mainly depends upon which brand or company of fan you are using.

Main features of Usha ceiling fan:

In this part, you will learn about some of the best features and qualities of Usha ceiling fan. It is one of the most reputed ceiling fan brands in India. Now you must be worried about the usha ceiling fan price. You will get fans of various prices under this brand. It depends upon you which one you would choose or buy for your house. They also offer a good warranty period to the buyers. A minimum warranty period of two years is found with the fan.

While Choosing the best ceiling fans in india, a difference exists between these two brands. Let us try to explore about usha vs Crompton.

  • You may get the feature of anti-dust in Usha ceilings fans. But Crompton ceiling may not provide you with this feature. It is applicable in some respective models and designs.
  • If compared it will be found that the price of Crompton greaves ceiling fans are always higher than Usha ceiling fans. The initial price of the Crompton ceiling fan is Rs1899 while that of Usha ceiling fan is Rs 1650. It is one of the major differences that exist between the two.
  • The warranty period of Crompton ceiling fans is less than the Usha ceiling fan.

To be specific both of these brands are superior with slight differences.

What are the significant differences between Crompton and Usha ceiling fans?

Similarly, you must also try to explore the distinction that exists between crompton fan vs usha fan.

  • As per official study, The rated power input of Usha ceiling fan is 50 Watts but the rated power input of Crompton ceiling fan is 53W.
  • The retail price of Usha ceiling fan is Rs. 1900 whereas the retail price of Crompton ceiling fan is Rs. 2000.
  • Usha fans are manufactured by Usha International Limited. On the other hand, Crompton fans are manufactured by Crompton Greaves Limited.

It is now clear that it is hard to survive without a good-quality ceiling because of the tropical climate that India has. So, you must always focus on buying better-quality ceiling fans that can give you better service. The demand for ceiling fans is increasing day by day because modern fans are much advanced and scientific. They use the latest technology and skills to give better service. Always try to select the fans that are from reputed and famous brands. It will be wiser.

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