Simple way to Remove a Ring with string – Step by Step Guide

Are you looking for tutorial to remove ring from your finger without hurting yourself? Check our tutorial for more help here.

How to Remove a Ring with string?

Remove a Ring with stringSTEP 1:- Select a thin piece of thread or dental floss for the job. Thin thread or dental floss will slide more easily underneath a stuck ring. The waxy surface of dental floss can make it even more useful in this situation. If you choose to use thread, make sure it’s thin but strong.
STEP 2 :- Position 1 end of the thread at your middle knuckle above the ring. Use your free hand to place the end of the thread or floss at the knuckle on the fingertip side of your finger.
STEP 3 :- Wrap the thread around your finger from the knuckle to the ring’s edge. The idea is to compress your skin close to the ring, so wind the thread tightly around your finger. Keep wrapping it around as you slowly move toward the ring. Make sure each wrap is directly next to the previous wrap.
STEP 4 :- Slip the end of the string under the ring and pull it up on the other side. Now that your finger skin is compressed, you should be able to wedge the end of the thread under the ring and pass it through to the other side.
STEP 5 :-  Unwrap the thread from this position to slowly to remove the ring. Pull the thread taut toward your knuckle and start unwinding the string. Each time you unwind 1 of the layers, the ring will move a little farther up the compressed skin of your finger. Keep unwinding the thread until you reach the starting point at your knuckle.
STEP 6:- Pull the loosened ring completely off your finger. After unwinding the thread, you should be able to pull the ring completely off your finger. If the ring is still stuck, you may want to try another removal technique or seek emergency assistance.

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